Seeing the dentist

Dental phobia

Many people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. However, those who are terrified to visit the dentist may have a dental phobia.

Where dental anxiety may make you feel nervous about visiting your dental practice, dental phobia will stop you from attending the dentist completely.

You may have a phobia due to the thought of:

  • A bad experience
  • Pain
  • Blood
  • Choking or gagging
  • Not being in control when in the dental chair.

There are also other aspects in the dental practice that may trigger anxiety, such as the sound of the dental drill.

Dentists are often experienced in how to treat patients with a dental phobia. They should start by finding out where your phobia has come and offer ways to make you feel more relaxed. It is often a good idea to visit the dental practice at a quieter time.

Top tips to ease your dental fear

  • Find a dentist that specialises in nervous patients or have someone recommend an understanding dentist to you
  • Visit the dental practice and let the dentist know that you are an anxious patient
  • Ask the surgery when the quietist and best time is for you to book an appointment
  • Take a friend or family member with you to the appointment to make you more comfortable
  • Listen to music throughout your treatment to help you relax.